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South India Tour Packages in India

Even today , the majority of travelers who choose India as their destination , are limited to the routes of the center - north , just visit the south . This is mainly due to the fact that , while the Rajasthan , Haryana , Madhya Pradesh and the Ladakh are well advertised , the southern states are less known and therefore less frequented . But now this trend is slowly disappearing so increasingly in travel plans we talk about Kerala , Orissa , Karnataka and Tamil Nadu . Without detracting from the itineraries that show the wonders of the center-north, I can assure (after more than 40 trips to that country) that southern destinations have nothing to envy to the rest of the sub-continent. Indeed, if you want to enjoy the true soul of India purest, it is just that you have to travel south. In fact, the
Hindu temples most refined and original (without architectural influences Muslim), are located in Madurai, Tricy, Tanjore, Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram etc. because the invasion Mughal here has not arrived or at least has been only marginal. Even nature is profoundly different, just mention the beaches of Kerala dense palm trees, the area of ​​the back-waters, or the beaches of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai or the hills of the Eastern Ghats and Western with their wildlife reserves like Ooty and other . Other interesting places are: Goa former Portuguese colony with its monumental churches, Srawambela throat with his spectacular Jain temples, with their Halebib and Belur temples carved like lace. In short, the points of interest in South India are innumerable. Other motives of interest are given by numerous and fantastic festivals that take place over the course of the 'year, the races in Aleppey for "Pandit Nehru Cup", all'Elefant march of Trisshur, and many others. Not to mention the beaches of Kerala where you can relax in special centers equipped for the ayurvedic treatments with massages and beauty filters to rejuvenate the skin. To all this we add the special dances of these regions as the Katakali that is interpreted by men even in female roles and that is characterized by facial makeup and elaborate costumes that require hours of makeup. Finally, of great interest are ethnic populations Dravidian very dark skin and faces completely different from Europe or north-east, much more like the Malaysians or Indonesians. Here too, there are interesting news and special costumes. So even with these few lines, I hope I have aroused in readers the desire to deepen personally this "corner" of India that certainly did not disappoint.
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